Stuy Town WallGate Update: Don’t Call it a Living Room!

The gripping drama of Stuyvesant Town’s pressurized wall controversy—landlord Tishman Speyer was forced to stop walling off living rooms to create additional bedrooms due to fire code violations, forcing renters to use “privacy screens”—appears to be approaching its end. According to the Tenants Association message board, wall construction is expected to resume this month, and Tishman Speyer will issue rent credits to those affected, credits that look like they’ll only cover the costs of installing the new walls. But the biggest long-term effect is likely the new floorplans for the walled apartments. Some may not be happy with the results.

A couple of Stuy Towners even drew up illustrations of the new plan, and one such picture is above. The red line represents the old way, just slapping up a wall with a door in the living room, creating an additional bedroom while leaving a window-less living room. That was the no-no. Now, it’s the blue lines, a T-shaped wall that will take up more of the living space and create an additional hallway-like entry. And to get around the windowless thing, the living rooms have ceased being called living rooms, thankyouverymuch. You may now refer to them as “foyers.”



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