TA Maintenance Report Details Problems and Recommends Solutions

At a two-hour meeting between senior representatives of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association and Rose Associates on Wednesday, February 9th, the TA group delivered copies of a nine page report summarizing maintenance and quality-of-life concerns as viewed by residents of the community. The TA presented the report as a basis for discussion at that and subsequent meetings.

The report grew out of a year-long study by the Association that included an analysis of a community-wide survey that drew 4,000 responses, compilations of complaints by tenants to the TA’s message center and e-mail facility, and by deliberations at meetings of the Maintenance/Quality of Life Advisory Committee members.

The report covers seven areas of concern:

1. Safety and Security.
2. Hallway and Building Maintenance
3. Laundry Rooms
4. Grounds
5. Bulk garbage pick-up
6. Amenities
7. Renovations
All told, the report details 36 problems and offers 46 recommendations for addressing them. It builds on two prior meetings between TA board directors and senior property managers and also acknowledges some of the key recommendations discussed in the recent PCV/ST Community Update distributed by Rose to all apartments on February 7th.

In addition to the material covered in the Tenants Association written report, the discussion with the management team covered the laundry room problems in some detail.

Al Doyle, president of the tenants association said, “We produced this report to address the myriad maintenance and quality of life issues we hear about from our neighbors daily. By meeting and talking, both the TA and Rose Associates benefit from the shared insights that are not available to each of us alone.” He added, “By actively working with Rose we look forward to having maintenance levels restored to their former levels of excellence.”

“I applaud the Tenants Association for not only highlighting serious neighborhood concerns in a clear, persuasive and professional manner, but also for proposing solutions,” said Council Member Dan Garodnick. “It is my hope that there will be an ongoing dialogue between the tenants of this community and Rose Associates to ensure that maintenance services are provided at the highest possible levels.”

Both groups agreed to use the report as a road map to address the various issues and to continue with regular meetings.

For the full report, click here.



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