East Village Parking Spot Dispute Ends With Woman in Coma

A Bronx woman is in a coma and fighting for her life after allegedly being punched in the face by a man during a dispute over a parking space in the East Village last week, the New York Post reported.

Lana Rosas, 25, was holding a parking spot for her boyfriend on East 14th Street across from Stuyvesant Town on Feb. 25 when a man in a silver minivan drove up and confronted her, the paper reported.

Oscar Fuller, 35, allegedly got out of his vehicle and punched Rosas in the face “with so much force that the woman flew off her feet,” according to court papers cited by the Post. Rosas hit her head against the street and was taken to Bellevue with severe head injuries.

“It’s uncertain whether or not she will survive her injuries,” a police source told the paper.
Two witnesses got a look at Fuller’s license plate number as he allegedly drove away from the scene and later picked him out of a photo line up. Fuller, who has prior arrests for weapons possession and assault, was arrested Tuesday night in his Jamaica, Queens, home and charged with felony assault, the Post reported.

“She’s 25 years old. Her life was just starting, and it might be over,” Rosas’ mother, Angie, told the paper. “You have no idea how horrible this is and the senselessness that it was over a parking spot.”



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