Talk of Stuy Town!

Stuyvesant Town residents are up in arms after learning that their private possessions were put on public display in a cheeky New Yorker magazine Talk of the Town piece this month. The Aug. 8 article mocked the musty trunks stored in the sprawling complex’s 110 buildings, which had stowed them for free for decades — until last month.

Rose Associates, the new management firm overseeing Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village, told the 25,000 tenants that it was suspending the service. Residents, given 30 days to haul their stuff out of the 49 basement units, have threatened to petition for a rent reduction.

“The air is unsanitary,” Rose’s Jim Yasser told a New Yorker reporter. “Out of every 200 pieces, I’d say 198 are garbage.”

He picked through some trunks’ dated contents — canceled checks from 1948, a vinyl copy of the Village People album “Live and Sleazy.”

Councilman Dan Garodnick (D-Manhattan), a lifelong Peter Cooper villager, on Wednesday sent the complex’s owners, CW Capital, an angry letter.

“These items were placed in the basement with some expectations of privacy and upkeep, only to be neglected by management and belittled in a public forum,” he wrote.
CW Capital did not return a request for comment.



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