CW Capital Tells Rose to Suspend Notices on Ending Trunk Storage Service and to Extend Deadlines

Tenants who faced a deadline of September 10th and September 24th now have some more time before having to remove their items. No further buildings will be notified and the deadline for removal for those in Stuyvesant Town buildings with dates in September will be moved to “no earlier than October 1st, 2011”. The move by CW Capital will allow discussions between the Association and Rose Associates on fate of the trunk storage.

The Association and its counsel believe ending the service is a Diminution in Services that would make tenants eligible for a rent reduction. While we attempt to work toward a solution with management, we are assisting tenants in the filing of the application for a rent-reduction for a decrease in building-wide services. This is the sole enforcement tool and remedy to challenge such action if we are unable to achieve a solution with management. Should DHCR rule in favor of the tenants, the rents would be rolled back to the level of the prior lease until the service is restored. Additionally, your building would not be eligible for MCI applications. This is a significant risk for the owner to take, so it is important that all affected tenants stand with their neighbors and sign the application. Staying silent will only hinder our position.

To those of you who have already received the notice and those who receive it in the future and decide to retrieve stored items: It is important to make copies of your claim tags and the work orders related to this service.

If you are a tenant who has items in Trunk Storage (not to be confused with NTT paid storage) AND you have used the retrieval service in the last three years, we want to hear from you. We also want to hear from you if you or anyone you know past or present has attempted to retrieve your trunks at anytime in the past and management reported the trunks lost or damaged. Please send us your name, address, apartment, phone, email address and copies of your trunk tags and associated work orders. You may do so via this special link

Copies of tags may be mailed to ST/PCV-TA, Trunk Tag Copies, POB 1202, New York, NY 10009-1202. Alternatively, you may drop off copies of your trunk claim checks and/or associated paperwork in the TA drop box at the Oval Concierge, located at 276A First Avenue inside the First Avenue Loop Road.

*** Please DO NOT send us your original trunk tags. ***



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