Trash Takes Toll on Stuyvesant Town Residents

STUYVESANT TOWN, NY (PIX11)— “I take pride in where I live,” said Geraldine Johnson.

And why wouldn’t she? She pays good money to live in swanky Stuyvesant Town. But lately, trash has been taking a toll on her community.

“For instance, right here, what is this all about?” Johnson said as she pointed out a pile of ripped up papers scattered about the entryway to her community.

“You know, you have to clean up? It is looking like the slums. And we pay a lot of money. This is considered luxury residences? Give me a break,” said Johnson.

She is not the only one who has noticed the mess. “Maybe about a month and a half ago, there was a bunch of garbage right out here,” said Resident Dennis Gotsopoulon.

Even the guys who make a living off this tiny town’s trash have noticed a change recently.

“A lot more stuff to go through,” said Xavien.

Photos taken from LUX, who writes a local blog demonstrate the dumping dilemma.

Johnson points the finger at new tenants.

“They don’t follow rules, the new people who come in. You know, they sign a lease, but who reads the lease, please.”

As for the property management, Johnson said, “They have to enforce things a little more.”

To find out what they’re doing about the problem, we caught up with the Managing Director of Operations for Rose Associates, Phil Wischerth.

“We have acknowledged that there is a problem,” Wischerth told PIX 11.

First things first, management says it enlisted a trash team.

PIX 11 cameras caught those guys gathering the garbage off the streets Monday morning.

They have a goal of eliminating the trash before 9:00am.

And that’s not all.

“We’re reviewing camera footage. We’re going back to the tenants and try to set an example, that this is not acceptable and we’re going to charge them for it,” said Wischerth.

Big tough talk from the folks who run a small sweet town, and want to keep it that way.



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