Greenmarket To Return – But With Conditions

The Tenants Association of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village has long been concerned about the commercialization of the property, and has fought to protect the residential character of our neighborhood.

We are pleased to report today that as a result of our advocacy, and with the support of our Councilman Dan Garodnick, CW Capital agreed to remove the food truck which was omni-present on Stuyvesant Oval, and to only allow it to return during limited special events for residents.  On the other hand, the greenmarket, a popular offering for ST/PCV residents, will be able to return in its present location.

After an inquiry to various city agencies, it became clear that a greenmarket operating as an “open commercial use” would be prohibited, but making it available for residents and their guests only could be allowed. Accordingly, CW agreed to change their policy and make it absolutely clear that the market is serving as an “accessory use” to the property for residents and guests, not open to the general public. They will be adding language in all of their marketing materials, including any ads around the perimeter of the property, indicating that its greenmarket is intended for “residents and their guests only.”

The TA is pleased with this fair and sensible resolution of these issues. It thanks Councilman Garodnick for his key assistance in resolving the matter.



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