Tenants Association Looks to Work Cooperatively With New Property Manager To Achieve Mutual Goals

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association has reached out to Sean Sullivan, new property manager of the complex, via a letter to introduce him to the voice of tenants on quality of life issues. Many long-standing QOL complaints and frustrations still persist and an extensive building maintenance survey, conducted by tenant volunteers and sent to Rose Associates many months ago, has garnered no response. As the letter states:

“We appreciate Rose Associates’ expressed desire to collaborate with the Tenants Association to resolve a variety of community issues, but unfortunately there are still many outstanding quality of life concerns that residents continue to feel are not being taken seriously enough by management. The biggest and most serious issue is Rose Associates and CW Capital’s policy of actively marketing the community as a place to “live and live it up,” as well as corresponding practices such as the installation of pressurized walls to increase occupancy in units. An ever-increasing and rapidly revolving student- tenant population strains resources and creates the need for increased and improved maintenance, greater responsiveness from Public Safety, and better enforcement of existing rules to protect tenants’ quality of life. “

Inviting Mr. Sullivan to meet with TA representatives, the letter cites deterioration in cleanliness of recycling rooms after 6:00pm and on weekends, delayed and ineffective responses to noise complaints, poorly maintained laundry rooms and substandard washers and dryers, lengthy delays and unacceptable wait times to attend to maintenance requests, and ineffective enforcement of rules on the Oval Lawn and other open spaces, including dog rule enforcement. The TA intends to work together with Mr. Sullivan to in his words, “make PCVST a place this community is happy to call home.”

“We hope Mr. Sullivan will write a new chapter in the management of the property and look on the STPCV Tenants Association as a resource and ally working together for an improved complex,” said Alvin Doyle, Association president. “We all have a vested interest in our community and should stand together to maintain its unique place in history.”



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