New Top Slate Elected By ST/PCV Tenants Association Board

Following the annual election of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association’s all-volunteer Board of Directors in May, the newly constituted board met on Wednesday, June 27th, to elect officers for the coming year. The following were elected: Chairman of the Board, Susan Steinberg; President, John H. Marsh III; Vice President, Kevin J. Farrelly; Secretary, Kirstin Aadahl; Treasurer, Margaret Salacan.

Alvin Doyle, who served as Tenants Association president for 21 years, has stepped down citing increased work responsibilities and other commitments. “It will be a major adjustment both for the Board and the community,” said Susan Steinberg, the new Chair. “Al has set the bar extremely high and our challenge will be to serve at the same level. However, the new slate of officers is committed to meeting the challenge. To make that possible, we now have both a president and a chairman of the Board to make certain we have the necessary resources for this exciting and demanding period in ST/PCV history.”

At the meeting, the board also appointed chairs of four committees: Communications Committee, John J. Sheehy; Legal Committee, James J. Roth; Outreach Committee, Jonathan Wells; and Maintenance/Quality of Life, Alvin Doyle.

Susan Steinberg becomes Chair after serving as Executive Vice President. A board member since 1997, she is well-known in the community as the capable moderator of virtually every public meeting of the Tenants Association during those years. Among other community-centered activities, she is also on the board of directors of Community Board 6, serving on the Housing, Homeless and Human Rights committee, and is a public member of Community Board 3, serving on its Con Ed Task Force subcommittee.

John Marsh, a lifelong Peter Cooper resident, previously held the dual posts of Vice President and Treasurer of the TA. The lead architect of the organization’s volunteers, he structured and built the Building-Zone-Complex Leader pyramid that has been key in distributing TA communications, conducting resident surveys and other vital activities. He is a volunteer for the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a volunteer Director at Tenants Political Action Committee (Tenants PAC.)

Newly elected Vice President Kevin J. Farrelly, an attorney with his own practice, has been a Stuyvesant Town resident since 1999 and is president of the STPCV Tenants Association Foundation. He has served on the boards of the City Club of New York, the Committee for Modern Courts, and the Lesbian & Gay Law Association of Greater New York. He is a former member of Community Board 11 in Queens and has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Fordham Law School.

In his first statement as Association President, John Marsh said, “Al Doyle has a history and knowledge of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village that is unmatched. We are fortunate that he remains on the board and continues to be a resource for us. On behalf of the Board, I commend his long and dedicated service. We all look forward to working with him for as long as he’s willing to serve.”



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