Latest Stuy Town Ads Show Horndogs Groping on the Grass

Keep the horndogs off the grass! Stuy Town’s latest attempt to lure 20-somethings into $3,500 a month, one bedroom apartments features some suggestive new advertising. The Dune Road Group posted advertisements they created for Stuy Town on their website, including an ad of a young couple grinding in the park.

On the Oval lawn, a dazed looking female stares vacantly off into space while her Cheshire Cat grinning boyfriend has his crotch pressed up against her backside, groping her pelvic region. “You belong here” is the slogan. If “here” is a park where men can appear to sedate women and take advantage of them, we’ll pass! We prefer the black squirrels.

Stuyvesant Town is not known for being savvy when it comes to advertising. Earlier this year advertisements telling renters to “Live it up” came under fire from City Councilman Dan Garodnick and the Stuyvesant Town Tenant’s Association, both of whom felt Stuy Town was specifically targeting college kids.

Recently they advertised a free month’s rent on Spotify which was almost immediately exposed as a tactic to churn apartments.



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