Please be advised that as of 6:30pm this evening Con Edison confirmed that power has begun to be restored to the grid which includes Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town.

Since the storm we have been working tirelessly to address life safety issues and to prepare the property for the restoration of the services.

Over the course of the past 48 hours, we have been able to pump the majority of the standing water out of the basement areas which has allowed us to commence an inventory of damaged equipment. Our preliminary inspection and assessment has confirmed that many buildings will regain full utility service once Con Edison is able to restore services. Unfortunately, we have also determined that a number of buildings have sustained extensive mechanical damage which may delay restoration of utilities even after Con Edison restores those services. We are providing you with the following updates immediately so that you can plan accordingly, though addressing these problems will remain our top priority. We would also caution that the assessment below is preliminary and additional issues may surface over the coming days that will change the information below. We will continue to keep our residents updated with respect to any changes in the information outlined below.

Water Service: In Stuyvesant Town, no damage was done to the water pumps and basic service will be available once Con Edison is able to restore power. In Peter Cooper Village, nine of the twelve pumps that distribute drinking water to PCV buildings were damaged. We will continue to be able to supply basic service ; however, during peak usage periods, pressure drops may occur as a result of our limited pumping capacity which may result in temporary service interruptions. All Peter Cooper Village residents should be mindful of conserving water to the best of their ability, particularly in the morning and evening hours when usage is at its peak.

Steam Service (Heat & Hot Water): Steam service infrastructure that supports our heating and hot water delivery systems has been damaged by the flood waters in the following buildings:

Stuyvesant Town: 321, 319, 315 Avenue C; 610, 620, 622, 624, 626 and 628 East 20th Street

It is likely that service to these addresses will be unavailable for an extended period of time. In addition, depending on conditions for specific buildings, hot water may be unavailable even after heat is restored. This may occur due to damage sustained to the electric motors that operate the hot water circulation pumps.

Electricity Service: Flood water damaged the main switchgear equipment in the following buildings:

Stuyvesant Town: 315, 319, 321 Avenue C and 620, 610, 540 and 530 East 20th Street

Peter Cooper Village: 601, 541, 531, 511, 411 East 20th Street; 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 Peter Cooper Road; 530, 510, 440 East 23rd Street.

Due to the extensive damage caused by the flood waters, it is likely to take an extended period of time to restore electrical service to those addresses even after Con Edison restores power. We will make every effort to keep residents of these buildings apprised of repair progress so that they may plan accordingly.

Gas Service: During the storm, Con Edison and the FDNY ordered the shut-down of the gas service in several buildings. Due to the lengthy process required to restore gas service, it may take several weeks to return service to the following locations:

Stuyvesant Town: 315, 319, 321 Avenue C; 410, 400, 320 and 330 1st Avenue

Peter Cooper Village: 7 PCR and 531 E. 20th Street.

In addition, please note that the gas meters located in nine buildings in Peter Cooper Village were damaged due to the flood waters. Because of the damage due to these meters, gas service to these locations may be shut down and would require several weeks to restore. The damaged meters are located in the following addresses: 610, 541, 511 and 441 East 20th Street; 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 Peter Cooper Road

Elevator Service: Four passenger elevators were damaged by the flood waters in Peter Cooper Village. Two of those elevators are located at 7 Peter Cooper Road meaning that that building will have no elevator service for at least two weeks beyond the time electricity is restored to the property. The other two damaged elevators were in 8 Peter Cooper Road and 440 East 23rd Street; these buildings will have one elevator operating while we restore service to the damaged elevator car.

In preparation for the restoration of electricity, we ask you to take precautionary measures. Please unplug all appliances in order to protect them from getting damaged by a potential power surge. Additionally,though electricity will come back on, the heat will not; we urge you not to use stoves to generate heat in your apartments. Residents who opted not to receive the electrical upgrades should also refrain from using space heaters as this may create a fire hazard.

Resident Check-Ins: Another comprehensive door-to-door check on the well-being of all residents was completed throughout the property today, thanks to the help of the volunteers who generously dedicated their time and energy to assist with this initiative. We have now checked on the health and welfare of our tenants at least three times. For those on the elderly list, we have visited them today, Friday, November 2 and distributed food. Please continue to check in on your neighbors.

Playgrounds: Several playgrounds were reopened today: in Stuyvesant Town, playgrounds 12 and 9 and in Peter Cooper Village, playgrounds 2 and 3. We will continue to clean out playgrounds and survey the surrounding trees to ensure their safety before opening additional playgrounds.

Security: We will continue to have supplemented Public Safety staff onsite. Public Safety headquarters is now located at the former Oval Film space.

Laundry: Due to the lack of power, we realize there will be pent up demand for laundry services. Additionally, due to flooding, the laundry machines in certain buildings were destroyed and will have to be replaced. Please note that Oval Concierge will be open tomorrow, Saturday, November 3 from 10am to 5pm at the two locations below for laundry drop-off services.

–          First Avenue Loop Road between buildings 276 and 274

–          Peter Cooper Village Kiosk located by the entrance to PCV on First Avenue

Garages: Pumping will continue throughout the weekend and into early next week. Quik Park will provide updates as to when towing may begin. Garages 1 and 6 are open. The Garage Manager will be available at Garage 1 should you need any assistance. Garage 1 is located on 20th Street (the garage closest to 1st Avenue).

We will continue to update you throughout the weekend.

Source: CompassRock Real Estate / PCVST


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